YouTube Blur Tools Hide Moving Objects & Faces

We are past the phase where face detection was merely a gimmick. Though Microsoft’s age detector¬†and Face Match don’t seem to have serious applications, they certainly are steps in the right direction. YouTube has long had the ability to put some finishing touches on videos that are being uploaded. With the latest update to the service, the editing tools now incorporate face detection. With YouTube blur tools, it is possible to pick out and hide all the faces in any video you are planning to upload. The tool is pretty smart, and doesn’t get affected by any amount of motion in the video. Read on to learn everything these tools are capable of and how you can use them.

To make things easy, YouTube blur tools function in the form of two separate buttons. Each has a short description written against it to help newcomers.

YouTube Blur Effects

To start off, upload a new video. You won’t see any editing options until the upload is complete. Once you are done, hit the editing section. The ‘Blurring effects’ subsection is present on its own, and has two filters.

YouTube Blur Faces Filter

If you apply this filter, any human face detected by the service is blurred automatically. Though the filter doesn’t require any extra effort on the user’s part, the results are not 100% especially if the video quality isn’t good. The filter remains active throughout the duration of the clip once applied.

YouTube Blur Editor

Custom Blurring

This filter is the better of the two in our opinion. With custom blurring, you can pick any object in a video and YT will make sure it stays blurred throughout the duration you want. Be it one particular face, or the number plate of a fast-moving car, the selected area will stay hidden for as long as you want.

Once you are satisfied with the results of the YouTube blur filters, it is possible to preview the whole set of changes before hitting the ‘Done’ button. With these awesome new options, the effort of uploaders will surely reduce since YouTube can now do a lot of stuff that required third-party tools previously.