Windows 10 Install Stuck At 18%? There Is a Fix

A couple of days ago we covered the method to switch between MS Insider’s fast and slow rings. Now, you might need that guide since the latest update of Windows 10 TP isn’t playing nice with a lot of devices. Especially on the Surface Pro 3, with the build 10122 you are likely to have the Windows 10 install stuck at 18% whenever you try to perform a fresh install. The same error might occur if you are updating from a previous version of the Technical Preview. Of course, bugs are to be expected with these TP builds, since this is the whole point of releasing versions of Windows 10 prior to the final release. Having said that, a lot of users are disappointed that Microsoft’s own line of hardware, the Surface Pro series, is facing these kind of problems. Fortunately though, MS was quick to notice the bug, and came out with an easy fix.

To successfully complete a build when a you have a Windows 10 install stuck at a point, all you need is access to command prompt. There is a simple command that can get the bug smoothed out. Initial investigations into the problem have revealed that BitLocker is forcing the update to get rolled back. Even if you aren’t using BitLocker currently, or haven’t used it on the Surface Pro in the past, the problem can still occur. The worst part is that when you have the Windows 10 install stuck at 18%, it takes a considerable amount of time to revert to your last stable configuration.Windows 10 Install Stuck at 18


Fix The Windows 10 Install Stuck Error In 2 Steps

  1. Open the command prompt. You can do so by typing in CMD within the Run menu, or clicking the Command Prompt icon from your search results. A lot of Windows 10 fixes work via commands, so you might already be familiar with this procedure.
  2. Enter the following command into the prompt;
    rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll,RunDLL_PnpClean /DRIVERS /MAXCLEAN

Once the above command has been executed and you have quit CMD, the install should finish successfully. Some users have reported that it took them 2 attempts at cleaning the drivers before the method finally worked. Of course, you will have to initiate the setup from the start after applying the above procedure. If you are a frustrated SP3 owner, do give the outlined steps a try and see if they help.