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What Is Voat And How To Use It On Android

Reddit has long been known as the front page of internet, and this title suits the service as well. You can usually gauge the general mood of a particular community by going through its Reddit sub. Unlike other popular web services though, Reddit hasn’t ever been challenged by competitors to a major extent. Having said that, there are some services that you can use as alternatives of Reddit. Among these services, Voat has been gaining popularity pretty rapidly. Voat’s claim to fame is its being free of censorship. Apart from this, you can also view individual votes on posts to get a more personalized experience. The service also has a new Android client named Versa, which might contribute towards increasing the popularity of Voat.

Voat is based in Switzerland, as its webpage proudly proclaims. The community is curated and moderated by users, and top contributors even get a portion of the service’s own ad revenue. So, how can you get started with Voat?

Voat on Web

Voat Web

Of course, it is possible to browse Voat without having to sign up. You will need to register before posting or voting though. The service doesn’t allow newcomers to begin voting on posts and comments right away. You have to earn some respect points by simply dropping comments, and gaining acclaim from other users on your comments.

Much like Reddit, Voat has sub threads, but this service calls them sets. You can subscribe to sets, create one of your own, or simply go through the ‘Hot’ page of the service to discover interesting content.

Versa – Voat Client For Android

Voat Client Android Versa Home Voat Client Android Versa Post

Before now, Voat has had no presence on any platform other than web. Finally though, one Android client for the service has surfaced by the name of Versa. The app isn’t perfect, but it can cater to most of your needs if you are a regular on Voat.

The app has a dark theme, and it would have been a nice touch had it allowed users to switch to a lighter one. The main page displays the ‘Hot’ section, and you can search for any sub-set by tapping the top bar. To up or down vote any post, you will have to sign in, which can be done from within the app. There are two modes for posts; you can either go to the native commenting section, or read the post in its entirety by tapping the globe icon.

For now, Versa is far from perfect, and once Voat gains more users we are sure the service will gain more clients. For now though, if you are looking for a secure forum that offers a level playing field for everyone, do give Voat a shot.

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