What Is Google’s Project Fi & How To Use Its Android App

At first, the idea behind Google’s Project Fi might sound like an idle college student’s daydream, but the tech giant has turned this dream into reality. Some of you might not know anything about Project Fi, which is why we are publishing this post. Fi is touted by Google as the network of networks. In very broad terms, it can be considered Google’s very own mobile network. The coverage offered by it takes advantage of LTE, 3G, and WiFi networks available in your surroundings, morphing them into one seamless mega-network. Although Project Fi isn’t live yet, Google has just released its companion Android app in the Play Store. This app doesn’t do anything for now, but gives us a better idea of what to expect from Fi in the coming days.

How Project Fi Works

The first thing you need to know about Project Fi is the fact that it isn’t going to be universally available straightaway. The service will be offered in selective areas initially and will expand with the passage of time. Another caveat is that it only works with Google Nexus 6 for now and more devices will join the party later.

So, if you are lucky enough to be in a Fi area, you can purchase any of the packages offered by Google. The minimum plan costs $30 (plus taxes) per month and comes with 1 GB of data. The most expensive plan offers 10 GB data for $120 (plus taxes).

Project Fi Function

Once you have purchased a data plan, your device doesn’t need any other mobile carrier. Google’s network switches intelligently (judging by your current signal strength) between available data connections. For WiFi, Project Fi relies on trusted, open networks only, while Sprint and T-Mobile are used for LTE services.

Project Fi is invite-only for now, and you will have to wait for Google to let you in, which might take up to 30 days, and that too only if you are in a covered area.

Project Fi Android App

Project Fi Android Cycle Project Fi Android Highlights

The Android app for the new carrier has just been released and it doesn’t look much different from companion apps by other mobile networks. You can track your data usage, see how much of the plan is left, or control billing. For now, the app doesn’t work on any other devices except the Nexus 6. You can install it on any Android device though, even if it refuses to launch continuously. It is available as a free download, and on non-compatible devices just crashes every time you open it.

Install Project Fi From Google Play Store

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