What Are Skype Mojis & How To Use Them

Remember the days when Microsoft’s MSN messenger was all the rage, and people were still into “talking” Emoji? Anyone who has used the internet for more than 10 years is sure to remember the sound-supported and flashy animated emoticons that were an integral part of almost all major chat platforms in the past. With Skype Mojis, Microsoft seems to be aiming to bring that trend back. A Moji is not exactly an animated emoticon; it is a little more than just that. Microsoft touts the new Skype feature as short video clips from famous movies and TV shows. You can use the clips just like ordinary Emoji in Skype. The difference is that when the other party receives Skype Mojis, they will get the option to actually listen to what you mean to convey, and watch the shared video snippet.

With Skype Translator, Microsoft seems to have shown that they are not afraid to innovate with Skype. Mojis seem to be a step in the same direction. To get your hands on Skype Mojis, you must be running an updated version of the application. Since the feature has been announced today, you might not see the new set of emoticons right away. It seems like Microsoft is rolling out Mojis gradually.

Skype Mojis Categories

If Skype Mojis have been rolled out to your copy of the messenger, you should see an orange dot on the Emoji sign in the text box. Head to this section, and you will notice 3 new subsections appearing there. Microsoft has partnered with some big-name movie studios and production houses to bring popular movie scenes to Skype. The three tabs house Skype Mojis from Hollywood movies, BBC shows, and Muppets.

Skype Mojis Chat

Before you share a Moji with anyone, it is possible to preview the entry within the selection box. Just click the Moji, and hit the play button that follows. Once the emoticon has been previewed, you can send it to the currently active contact in your Skype.

In the chat window, Skype Mojis don’t start playing automatically, which is probably a good decision by MS. Once delivered, both the sender and the recipient can play the Moji as many times as they want. For movies and TV shows, you will also get a link to download or purchase the source content from the Microsoft Store.

Skype Mojis have the potential to catch on, as they offer a nice blend of nostalgia and novelty. So, head to your Skype and see if the new feature has been rolled out to you yet.