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What Are Google+ Collections & How To Use Them

Many have been predicting the demise of Google+ for a long time now, but this social network is apparently here to stay. Google has been trying everything to make Google+ the next Facebook, and in a bid to stay ahead of the game, the service keeps coming up with more and more features. The latest addition to the social network is Google+ Collections. It isn’t possible to discuss this new addition without mentioning Pinterest, since Collections seem to be inspired by Pinterest boards. The concept isn’t really novel, but Google+’s implementation of it is looking very neat so far. Read on to find out what’s the deal with Collections, and if they can prove to be useful for an average G+ user.

Google+ Collections allow you to create public or private groups. which can contain anything from photos to links, and even opinion polls.

Google+ Collections Welcome

To get started, go to the Collections menu in the Google+ sidebar. If you are using this feature for the first time, there will be a few tips on the screen to get you started. Just click the ‘Create’ button to make your first collection.

Google+ Collections Create New

Initially, you have to choose a name for your new collection. The first dialog box also asks users to select the privacy level of the collection. While it is possible to change the name of a collection later on, you can’t change its visibility level.

Google+ Collections Customize

Just like an album, Google+ Collections let users choose a cover photo and color theme for the entire group. There are some default cover photos available, but you can also upload one from your device.

Google+ Collections Posting Options

Now that you have created a new collection, it is time to fill it up! The available options let you add the following items to your collection.

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Link
  • Video
  • Event
  • Poll

Google+ Collections Post

Each option comes with a satisfactory number of customization possibilities. For example, you can enhance your photos before posting them, or add captions to links before making them a part of your collection.

Google+ Collections Edit Options

Once a post has been added to the collection, there are still plenty of options available for it. You can edit its caption, delete it altogether, mute it so that the notifications don’t disturb you, or make it read-only. When your collection has enough posts, share its link with your followers, or even with people who aren’t in your circles.

Google+ Collections have been added to the web and Android versions of the service, with the iOS app slated to get the feature soon. Do give Collections a try and see if they can lure you into using G+ more than you currently do.

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