Watchdog Offers iOS 8 True Multitasking For Cydia Users

Some users prefer to have longer battery life, while others rate performance over everything. No matter which side you favor, there are ways to find a good trade-off between the two. On an iPhone, the battery life has always been generally good as compared to other smartphones. There are a few things lacking at the performance front though. While the iPhone’s App Switcher serves the purpose to some extent, you won’t see iOS 8 true multitasking by default. In previous iOS versions, we have seen ways of making multitasking more robust, but no such Cydia tweak had surfaced for iOS 8 until now. Finally though, Watchdog can do the trick. This jailbreak tweak offers iOS 8 true multitasking without asking users to do a lot.

In the past we have seen tweaks like Watchdog take the lengthy route of adding a new entry to the stock Settings app. With this release though, there isn’t a lot of configuration needed before you can enable iOS 8 true multitasking. That doesn’t mean users don’t get any control over the tweak’s working. Here is how it works.

iOS 8 True Multitasking

To call Watchdog into action, invoke the iOS App Switcher. Don’t touch any app’s card, but tap the desired app’s icon once. Doing so places a yellow dot against the target app icon. Any app with this dot against it remains active even when you start using another app. Of course, there will be some battery drain on the device due to Watchdog but you will be able to continue using apps without having to wait for them to reload every time they are opened. iOS 8 true multitasking is also going to come in handy whenever you are trying to download or upload data from your iPhone. The tweak ensures that users don’t have to keep their device active while the data transfer is in progress. When you are done with using an app, it is possible to return things to their normal state by hitting the yellow dotted icon once more.

Of course, Watchdog isn’t recommended for extended use because enabling iOS 8 true multitasking is sure to have adverse effects on your device’s battery life. It can be useful for a lot of tasks though. The tweak is available for free in the Cydia store but not in any of the default repositories. In your jailbreak store resources, add the following repo;

You should now be able to find and install Watchdog to your iDevice.