Want To Use Cortana Outside US? Here Is What To Do [Windows 10]

Cortana might not be as significant as Windows 10’s ability to run iOS apps, but it is definitely among the flashiest features offered by the highly anticipated update. Owing to the fact that the Windows 10 TP has been introducing Cortana gradually, a lot of options and capabilities of the talking personal assistant are showing up in installments. Just yesterday we covered the newly added Cortana option of erasing search history. However, all¬†of Cortana’s quirks and bugs might sound irrelevant to you if you are not living in the USA. For now, Microsoft hasn’t enabled Cortana outside US. Even for some American users, Cortana can occasionally¬†show up the dreaded message of “Cortana is not available in your region”. So, if you want to enable Cortana outside US, you have to tweak a few settings.

Please note that the steps outlined below will only succeed in fooling your device into thinking that you are in the US. You still can’t use Cortana in any language other than English, until Microsoft adds some more language packs to the mix in later Windows 10 builds.

Using Cortana Outside US On Windows 10

Enabling Cortana Outside US

  1. First of all, make sure that you have installed a build of Windows 10 that comes with English (US) as its default language. Even with the Technical Preview, there are a lot of language packs and country-specific Windows 10 builds available. As you might expect, Cortana only works in the US build.
  2. Open the stock Settings app.
  3. Head to the ‘Clock, Language, and Region’ section.
  4. Under Format, choose English (US).
  5. In ‘Location’, set your home location as US.
  6. Under admin options, change ‘Current System Local’ to English (US) as well.
  7. See if your default language is set to English (US). If not, you will have to choose it from the drop-down menu and wait for the system to finish downloading the US language pack.

Performing the above steps is enough for most users, but after Build 10074 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview some have complained of this workaround becoming ineffective. It is worth a shot though, since if the method works, you will have access to Windows 10’s premier feature before any of your friends. If all else fails, try using a VPN after applying the changes we have highlighted above.