Video 360: Change Video Viewing Angles During Playback

Microsoft recently announced the end of the road for Photosynth. The service promised to be a game-changer when it was first announced and it had a good run. Even now Photosynth has a significant number of fans, who use the service quite regularly. While Microsoft’s technology might have been a pioneer in the field of 360 degree photography, the genre has expanded since then. Not only are there a lot of other similar apps and services in the market, there are even a few that apply the concept to videos. Video 360 is a new Windows app that allows users to explore their local and online videos in a completely new way. While viewing any video with Video 360, you can tilt your device or swipe across the screen to change the viewing angle without even pausing the playback.

Video 360 is a Modern app, which means that you can change its destination folder using our previously covered method. Once installed, the app is pretty simple to use. You even get a few pointers at the start screen, which explain what each button in the app can do for you.

Video 360 Windows Browse

To get started, hit the arrow icon in the bottom bar of Video 360. This will make you choose the video that you mean to view with the app. It is possible to select videos stored on your device’s network, on your SkyDrive, or within the device’s internal memory. Among the app’s best features is its ability to play videos from YouTube, thanks to its integration with a third-party client named Tubecast (by the same developer).

Video 360 Windows Playback

So what happens once a video has been loaded to the app’s playing screen? If you are running Video 360 on a touchscreen handheld, the vantage point can be shifted simply by tilting the device. For a more focused approach, it is also possible to swipe across the screen (using your finger our mouse) and adjust the viewing angle with more precision.

Video 360 costs $1.99 on both Windows Phone and Windows. However, the app does have a free trial, which allows you to have a go at playing 20 videos without paying anything.

Download Video 360 From Windows Store [$1.99]

Download Video 360 From Windows Phone Store [$1.99]