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How To Use The New Microsoft Dog Breed App Fetch

If you have not been a dog groomer for five years and have never bred border terriers or golden retrievers before, it might be tough to take care of a new puppy. You have got to start somewhere though, and for keeping a dog as a pet, knowing a little about different breeds is always the starting point. The old school way is to take your dog to a pet store or a vet. You can also grab your smartphone and get some help online but it isn’t easy finding accurate information on the web. Odds are that you might have to describe the breed of your dog in excruciating detail. You will have to report everything from your dog’s size, shape, and physical appearance, to probably DNA results. With the help of Fetch, the newly released Microsoft dog breed detector, it just got easier to determine a particular dog’s breed. 

Microsoft has been keen on facial recognition lately. The Face Match and Age Detector apps caused quite a stir a few months back, and Fetch seems to be the latest addition to the series. Microsoft Fetch recognizes dogs and categorizes them by their breed.

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Using the Microsoft dog breed identification tool is simple. You just have to take a picture of your dog and let the app work its magic. Another possibility is to compare a dog to available pictures of other dog breeds to get your answer. Fetch has actually salubrious vision of spotting all currently recognized dog breeds and including the truly rare ones. Fetch offers information such as disposition, size, what types of families are best suited for each and where that breed was developed.

Fetch comes up with a fun fact that sometimes tops the actual purpose of the app. You can always upload a person’s photo and have some fun with that. There are options for sharing results you get from Fetch, making the whole thing quite interactive.

You might think that the Microsoft dog breed detector is similar to reverse image search by Google, but it’s a whole lot more intelligent. So, since it’s so 2002 to question your vet for a judgment about your dog’s heritage, just get this app on your phone and try to fool it with celebrity pictures (because I just did) and let us know. Happy Fetching!

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