How To Unlock Apple Maps Turn-by-turn Navigation

If you are a Windows user, and have updated to Windows 10, you are likely to know that Cortana is region-restricted at present. This practice of not releasing some features of an app or OS worldwide is quite common. Even iOS had a lot of restrictions on Siri outside US when the talking assistant was first unveiled. Having said that, there is always a way of getting your hands on these restricted features regardless of where you live. You can enable Cortana with a simple workaround¬†in any country, and the same holds true for Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation. Though the coverage of this feature has¬†expanded officially, if you want to unlock Apple Maps in their entirety right now, there is a Cydia tweak for it.

As soon as Apple Maps were released a few years back, there was a wave of criticism regarding their lack of details in some countries. This might have been the reason behind the unavailability of turn-by-turn directions in most locations. Things have improved now though, and if you feel like giving Apple Maps a shot, the solution isn’t really difficult.

Unlock Apple Maps Navigation Tweak

In the past, similar solutions to unlock Apple Maps directions have been available for iOS 7 and iOS 8. When iOS 9 came along though, a Cydia tweak for this particular function was missing. Now that MapsAllCountries for iOS 9 is here, you don’t have to do much to get turn-by-turn directions.

Installing MapsAllCountries To Unlock Apple Maps Directions

As is the case with installing most Cydia tweaks, the process is quite simple. Make sure you refresh the Cydia repositories, because the tweak is a relatively new release and might not show up in your searches otherwise. Once you have found MapsAllCountries, hit the install button. Your device will respring, and once that is done, you are good to go.

The tweak does not have a Settings menu of its own. All it does is work its magic directly on the Maps app. To make sure the changes have taken effect, try getting some directions from the app to any listed location.

While the tweak might not help you in locations where Apple Maps aren’t properly populated, it is still a good idea to unlock Apple Maps to their full potential, especially since MapsAllCountries is free.