Top 15 Free Android To-Do List & Task Management Apps

A lot of people think that they don’t really need to-do lists, or apps that tell them how to organize their lives. Most such people can turn into believers though, once they have given to-do lists a shot for a few days. In the past, you might have had to keep a paper list glued to your refrigerator door to make sure you aren’t forgetting any important chores but this is the digital age. Most of us have our smartphone handy at almost all times, so having a to-do app on it is the ideal solution. If you own an Android, there are many task management apps available in the Play Store. The important thing is to choose the Android todo list app that you really need. To help you with this choice, we have compiled a list of the top 15 Android todo list apps out available in the Play Store.

Our list includes only free apps. Some of the entries require users to create accounts, while others are ready to be used right out of the box. Of course, the list is not exhaustive by any means, and we might add to it later on. One final thing; we have listed apps in the order of our liking for them.

1) Todoist

Todoist Android

Todoist is among the most used Android to-do apps. The app’s strongest point is its presence on lots of platforms, including Gmail, Web, iOS and Windows. Todoist ensures that you can create comprehensive task lists but without exerting too much effort. The app is very thorough and can be used to keep track of your progress on multiple projects simultaneously.

The app offers integration with external services like SkyDrive and Dropbox, making the contained data truly portable.

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2) Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk Android

Remember The Milk has been around for a very long time. The app has its Windows and iOS companions out there as well, and lets users sync their account with the cloud once a day.

Creating lists within this app is super easy and you can make lists within lists, or take a search term and convert it into a to-do list.

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3) .Do

Do Android App List Do Android App Overview

.Do recently got updated with Android’s new Material Design. This gives the app a very neat look, which augments its simplicity and ease of use. The to-do list entries in .Do incorporate audio notes, photos, and of course, text.

The app offers cloud syncing and ensures your data is never lost even when you change devices.

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AnyDo Android List AnyDo Android Projects

If you are looking for an app that doesn’t force users to go through a plethora of steps before they can actually get down to making a to-do list, is for you. The app is easy to use, and comes with a very clear set of initial instructions.

Despite its uncomplicated manner of working, is perfect for managing group activities. It allows users to maintain shared lists, and allows attachment of media files and location-based information with list entries.

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5) Google Keep

Google Keep Android

When Google releases an app, you can usually expect it to be good. Google Keep isn’t just bells and whistles. It can also help you in syncing your reminders and to-do lists across multiple devices, and comes with a very neat UI. The app’s distinguishing factor is its ability to let you create reminders out of almost anything like a text message, photos, a location pin, or an alarm from the stock Clock app.

Of course, it adds to the app’s value that it comes with Web and Chrome clients.

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6) HabitRPG

HabitRPG Android ToDo List App Menu HabitRPG Android ToDo List App Profile

Playing a game is among the least cumbersome tasks you can probably imagine. This is in sharp contrast to maintaining to-do lists, which might seem like a task of its own, rather than helping you simplify things. This is why HabitRPG is the perfect choice for all casual mobile gamers, who want the most convenient way of keeping track of their daily activities and chores. The app treats you like an RPG character, and you can earn achievements by meeting your goals and ticking off the listed chores.

Another great thing about HabitRPG is that it brings an element of social networking to the mix. You can interact with your friends to keep yourself motivated in meeting your goals in a timely manner.

Install HabitRPG From Google Play Store

7) To Do List by Splend

SplenDo Android App

To Do List (also known as SplendDo) is one of the few Android apps that pay special attention to the way notifications are presented to users. When you make a to-do list, it is likely to be full of reminders. SplenDo ensures that these reminders are as customizable as anyone could ever want them to be. Apart from this, the app has integration with Google Tasks, support for voice input and a speech synthesizer to read your lists out loud for you.

Install To Do List From Google Play Store

8) Wunderlist

Wunderlist Android ToDo List App

Wunderlist is one of the oldest to-do apps around. It gained popularity on Windows and eventually made its way over to Android. The app has very strong integration with web and Windows, thereby keeping users synced across all their devices in real-time.

The app is great for collaborative lists, as it lets you delegate tasks to others and gives control over sub-lists individually.

Install Wunderlist From Google Play Store

9) 24me

24me Android Home 24me Android Reminder

24me boasts support of voice input, syncing with multiple accounts and automatic creation of lists. The app gleans data off of your personal accounts to come up with useful reminders related to upcoming events and chores.

Install 24me From Google Play Store

10) Puddl

Puddl Android Home Puddl Android Task

This is app is the go-to task manager for students. The app’s claim to fame is its ability to present students with research material links whenever they create a study-related reminder or app list.

Install Puddl From Play Store

11) Evernote

Evernote To Do List Android

We understand that Evernote is famous for its note-taking prowess, but you have to give it a spin for making t0-do lists and it is likely to win you over. There isn’t anything too flashy in Evernote, but the way it syncs your tasks with the cloud, and the app’s ability to connect tasks to the other aspects of your notes, make it a must-have.

Install Evernote From Play Store

12) TaskMark

TaskMark Android List TaskMark Android Illustration

There are often occasions when you are struck by the idea of creating a task list out of a note you are writing. TaskMark is the app for these occasions. The app combines notes with location-based and other reminders. It has a very good UI that gives it a clean overall appearance.

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13) Note To Do. Widget

Note To Do Widget Android New Note Note To Do Widget Android Lists

This isn’t strictly an app, but the Note To Do widget is perfect for anyone who prefers to get things done with minimum fuss. You can pin simple, but editable, notes or task lists to your Android’s home screen with this widget’s instances.

Install Note To Do Widget From Play Store

14) To-Do List

Dime ToDo List Android Home Dime ToDo List Android Widget

If you are looking for extreme simplicity, give this app a shot. It proudly touts itself as having only the barest minimum options needed for an Android todo list app to function. You can just add, delete, and edit tasks in this app. To make life easier, the app can pin your lists to the device’s home screen.

Install To-Do List From Google Play Store

15) Chore Master

Chore Master Android Home Chore Master Android Rank

Chore Master makes task management game-oriented, but not in as much detail as HabitRPG does. With Chore Master, users can instill a sense of competition within a small group to get the assigned tasks done quickly. The app awards achievements and points based on the response-time of individuals for performing their chores.

Install Chore Master From Google Play Store

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