Stalky Adds A Status Updates Timeline To WhatsApp [Cydia]

All users of Facebook and Twitter tend to think of everything in terms of timelines and update feeds. The idea has been around for quite some time now. After all, who doesn’t like staying apprised of all important updates from their social circle with the minimum fuss. WhatsApp and Facebook don’t have a lot of overlap by default, but now there is a jailbreak tweak out there that aims to bridge this gap. Stalky adds a new tab to WhatsApp for iPhone, where you get to see all recent changes made by your friends to their profiles. Of course, once you see the changes, it is always possible to comment on them simply by messaging your contacts.

Stalky is not the first Cydia tweak related to WhatsApp in recent days. We covered WSQuickReply a few days back as well. Stalky is not much like the older tweak though. For one thing, it makes changes to WhatsApp directly and the updates show up within the app. There is a separate settings menu of the tweak however, which makes everything easy to manage.

Stalky iOS Recent Updates Tab Stalky iOS Settings

To see Stalky in action after it has been installed, head to ‘Chats’ tab of the app. You might not notice the new Updates tab straightaway, but it is there nonetheless. Hit the clock icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. The icon might even have a badge on it, showing the number of updates that have been detected since you last used WhatsApp.

Under the ‘Recent Updates’ menu, the latest changes made to the profile pictures and status updates by your friends are shown. To copy any update, or save any photo, just long-press it. From the Stalky settings menu, users can choose the number of updates they want to retain in the tweak’s tab.

The Stalky settings also let you choose the size of the folder where all WhatsApp image updates get saved. Another great feature of the tweak is ‘Background Fetch’. If you turn it on, the tweak ensures that all updates are kept safe even if you don’t continue opening WhatsApp continuously.

Stalky costs $1.99, and you can download it from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.