Sideplayer: Get A Floating YouTube Player Anywhere In Chrome

There is a limit to fighting the temptation of watching cat videos while you are at work, or are trying to finish an important assignment. Or maybe you just want to listen to music on YouTube, with a peripheral view of each song’s accompanying videos. Whatever the case may be, Sideplayer is a useful Chrome extension that can help you browse YouTube without having to minimize your “work” or reading tabs. The extension does so by adding a floating video player to Google Chrome, which lets users control and view YouTube clips. The Sideplayer view is adjustable in size, and remains visible throughout all active browser tabs.

Much like the previously covered Panic Button, Sideplayer adds a button of its own to the address bar in Chrome. That is not the only area within the browser it affects though. Inside YouTube, you are sure to notice the extension’s own button among each video’s controls. Clicking this button sends the video to the Sideplayer floating view. There is another way of playing videos via the extension. When the Sideplayer address bar icon is clicked, a text field shows up where any YouTube video’s URL can be pasted. This allows you to bypass the step of even going to the YT website. A search box would have been even better, but maybe the developers will add this feature in future updates. In the floating player, each video’s caption and basic controls are available.

Sideplayer YouTube Floating Player

Once Sideplayer has been installed from the Chrome web store, you will get a little prompt within your browser. This prompt highlights the extension’s salient features, with a few points on how to use Sideplayer. Once installed, the extension can be controlled from the browser’s Settings menu. There aren’t too many options available though. You can go to the Sideplayer developer page, disable the extension, or allow it to run incognito when needed. As is the case with most Chrome add-ons, the Sideplayer button in the browser can be hidden from its right-click context menu.

The extension is a useful one, and looks like something many users will get used to pretty quickly. You can get it for free by heading to the link provided below.

Install Sideplayer From Chrome Web Store [Free]