Servicely Kills Unwanted Background Apps To Improve Android Battery Life

Having good specs is becoming very important for smartphones in recent times, which is evident from all the benchmarking apps available in the market, but at the end of the day users rarely care about all the flashiness of a device if it fails to give them decent battery life, or if the end product has patchy performance. In most cases though, the device’s hardware is not to be blamed if your Android has poor battery life or runs some apps with considerable lag. The culprits are often apps that hog your device’s internal memory by constantly keeping processes running in the background. Servicely is a new Android app that addresses this problem by sweeping your device continuously to kill unwanted apps and services. This helps enhance battery life and overall RAM consumption of your phone.

Android already has apps that can be used to kill running background services manually, but Servicely has the upper-hand over most because it performs this cleaning function automatically.

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Using Servicely is very easy, as basically you have to do almost nothing in order to configure it. There is one catch though; Servicely can only be used if you have root access on your Android device. When the app is launched for the first time, it checks for root and only displays the main screen if it establishes root privileges.

Even though Servicely works automatically after initial configuration, it still needs manual feedback from users upon first use. You have to specify the apps that you think are hogging your device’s memory when in the background. Of course, apps that need to keep running in the background should be left alone, but any apps that aren’t supposed to show real-time notifications is a good target for the Servicely ‘Hit-List’. To add a service or app to this blacklist, hit the add button of the Servicely main screen and search for the problematic entry.

Once you have formulated the Hit-List, Servicely will sweep your device after a predefined amount of time and close the processes present in the blacklist. However, Servicely does’t work blindly and if you are using a blacklisted app during the app’s sweep, it won’t be closed. Users can choose the interval between these sweeps by heading to the second option on the main screen.

Servicely is a free app, but if you really like it and want to help the developer, go ahead and make an in-app purchase of $2. This purchase is only for the developer’s support though, as the pro feature of starting Servicely automatically when you boot your device can be accessed for free as well.

If you are rocking a rooted Android device, consider giving Servicely a try. It can be found at the following link.

Install Servicely From Google Play Store

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