Save Battery On Android By Turning Unused Pixels Off With This App

The pursuit to improve the performance and battery life of your smartphone has always been important. Recently though, there has been a flurry of apps that let users control the way their devices use system resources. A few days back we covered an app named Servicely, which kills unused services to save battery on Android and to keep the system cache clean.  Pixel Off is another similar app, focusing solely on conserving the battery of your device. When active, the app turns off black pixels on the screen. This has minimal visible effect, but the impact on the battery life is significant.

Pixel Off only works on AMOLED screen, which means that a majority of Android users can reap the benefits of this app. It works best with devices having high-res display, since the pixel density is high and having a few pixels turned off doesn’t produce an off-putting overall impression. The device works on somewhat low-end phones as well, but the display changes are more pronounced.

Pixel OFF Save Battery on Android - App Home Pixel OFF Save Battery on Android - App Settings

Using Pixel Off is really easy. The app has a rather uncomplicated home screen, offering only three options. If you are using the free version of Pixel Off, two out of the three options are available. You can make the app boot when the device starts, and you can change its visibility status in the Notification Center. Pro users of the app can choose from different intensity levels of the app. Of course, the more pixels you choose to turn off, the more your display will be affected but the battery will last a lot longer as well. These intensity levels to save battery on Android are denoted as ‘meshes’ by Pixel Off. There are 4 available meshes, in increasing level of intensity. Only Level 2 is available for free users.

Normal Android Notification Center Pixel Off Trying To Save Battery On Android


From the Pixel Off ‘Settings’ screen, users can choose to automatically call the app into action whenever their Android is running low on battery. However, the automation is only available for pro users. To enter the battery saver mode immediately, hit the pink square icon on the app’s main screen. The screen goes dim immediately, and has a fishnet-like feel to it.

To upgrade to Pixel Off Pro, you will have to dish out $1.68 in the form of an in-app purchase. If you are serious in trying to save battery on Android devices, Pixel Off should be a good option. Give the app a try and enjoy better battery life.

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