Restore iTunes Library After Configuring Apple Music

Apple Music has now been around for more than a week, which means users have had a chance to get familiar with its features. Initially, there were a few glaring issues with the service, like the activation problems some iCloud users suffered at the launch. In addition to this, the functionality of the ‘like’ button has come into question as well. All this takes the backseat though, if something goes wrong with the iTunes library you have populated painstakingly through the years. There have been a few complaints of the existing music libraries going corrupt after enabling Apple Music. Fortunately, you can restore iTunes Library with a few simple steps.

In most cases, the damage is not permanent. Even if your library is damaged seriously due to following some misguided configuration steps for Apple Music configuration, there is still hope with the below steps. Before proceeding, please note that we have outlined the remedy for Windows users, but for Mac you can make the necessary changes as the gist remains the same.

Restore iTunes Library After Apple Music

Restore iTunes Library

  1. Go to the task manager on your system and locate iTunes under the running processes tab. Right-click its entry, and kill the process. You can simply quit iTunes, but killing it from task manager proves to be a surer way of achieving the desired results.
  2. Access the drive where you have installed Windows (usually ‘C’).
  3. Enter the folder named ‘Music’ and look for the iTunes sub-folder within it.
  4. Cut the file named ‘iTunes Library.itl’ from this location and paste it in any different folder of your choice (for backup purposes).
  5. Go back to the Music folder and make your way to the ‘Previous iTunes Libraries’ collection.
  6. There will be multiple .itl files inside the folder accessed in the previous step. Look for the file with the most recent date in its name. Copy this file.
  7. Go back to the iTunes folder (mentioned in step 3) and paste the copied file there.
  8. Right-click the file and from the resulting menu select the rename option. Change the file’s name to ‘iTunes Library.itl’
  9. Close all opened folders, and relaunch iTunes.

This should restore iTunes library in its entirety, and you should even get all the song names and album art in their correct form.

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