Put A Stop To Twitter Video & Vine Autoplay

A few days back, we covered the method to disable WhatsApp voice calling. The┬ávoice calling feature has shown that not all new, and seemingly useful, features are desirable for every user. At times, a feature that is good for most might start bugging you. Another example of this phenomenon is Twitter’s video and vine autoplay. You might not know what we are talking about if you have been using Twitter only on Android lately, but on iOS and web, timeline videos start playing automatically when you scroll your way down to┬áthem. This might sound like a useful idea to some, but if you are trying to discreetly go through your Twitter updates in a quiet classroom, or in a serious business meeting, the feature is sure to lead to embarrassment. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to disable video and vine autoplay in Twitter.

Unlike the method to disable WhatsApp voice calling, you can disable vine autoplay using the app’s built-in settings. Here is all you need to do.

Twitter Vine Autoplay Settings

  1. It goes without saying, but you need to log in to your Twitter account on the web to access the account settings.
  2. Click the avatar located in the top-right corner of the main page.
  3. From the resulting drop-down menu, hit the ‘Settings’ option.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Content’ section of Settings.
  5. In the ‘Video Tweets’ field, you will see the toggle dedicated to ‘Video autoplay’. It is checked by default, and you just have to uncheck the box to ensure that no vines and videos start playing automatically.

As you can imagine, it is easy to re-enable the autoplay feature using the same steps described above.

If you are on an iDevice, you will need to head to the iPhone’s stock Settings app. From there, look for the Twitter entry way down in the ‘Apps’ section. The option to disable video autoplay is present in this menu.

Of course, you might also want to try turning video and vine autoplay off for a smoother browsing experience. If you are on mobile data, or a limited browsing plan, it pays to have full control over the video playback on your timeline.