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PlayBox: Movie Box Alternative For Streaming On iPhone

Mobile users rarely preferred watching lengthy videos on mobile screens when those displays were only a couple of inches in length and width. Now though, the trends have changed and even Apple has introduced a relatively big screen for the iPhone with the latest 6+ edition. Android phones adopted larger screens quite a while ago as well. This means that more and more people have turned to watching entire movies on their smartphones. If you are among such users, services like PlayBox are sure to be a godsend for you. PlayBox is pretty similar to the previously covered Movie Box. It has one advantage though, which is its presence on both iOS and Android. The app is also quite easy to configure and can be used by almost anyone.

PlayBox Installation On Android

  1. Open this post in your Android phone’s web browser.
  2. Tap the following link on the phone;
    PlayBox APK File
  3. You will see a warning about APK files being potentially harmful. Proceed with the installation and once done, launch the app.

PlayBox Installation On iOS

  1. Download the service’s iOS file by tapping the following link on your iPhone’s Safari.
    PlayBox iOS File
  2. You will see an alert, requesting confirmation to proceed with the download. Accept the warning and continue onward.
  3. Open the PlayBox official page (linked at the end of this post) and log in to the service using the password and user name provided there.

The above steps can be bypassed if you have a jailbroken iPhone. In that case, you simply have to go to the PlayBox vShare link on the service’s homepage.

PlayBox Home PlayBox Search

Once installed, PlaBox is easy to use. The app’s home page includes a list of latest movies. The service can be used to browse for newest and most popular releases, as well as the classics. You can also head to the tag list in PlayBox and search for movies belonging to a certain niche.

Each movie page can contain one or more video links. These are links to independently available versions of the movies and can include subtitles, or versions in different languages. Fortunately, you will see the description of each link in its main title, so this isn’t a problem.

While Movie Box makes users exert less effort on finding links, people have complained of its streams being too slow. This is due to the quality of Movie Box servers, and the amount of load they have to bear. With PlayBox, you will notice an improvement in terms of stream rate.

So, if you want to watch some movies on your iPhone or Android, head to the following link. You won’t be disappointed.

Visit PlayBox HD Official Site