Play A Game To Dismiss Your Alarm With Microsoft Mimicker

Lately, Microsoft Garage has been coming up with a steady stream of innovative (if somewhat trivial) apps for iOS and Windows Mobile. We covered the Fetch app a few days back, and as we pointed out, that app makes use of Microsoft’s facial recognition API just like many of the other apps released by MS Garage. This time, the same team has released a new app for Android, and yes, it has a bit to do with facial expressions as well, though there is a lot more to Microsoft Mimicker than just that. Mimicker is an alarm clock, which makes sure you don’t go to sleep unless the app is really sure that it has done its job. You will be put through several tests and games before an alarm can be dismissed.

Microsoft Mimicker comes with all the bells and whistles that you are likely to want in an alarm app on Android. You can configure multiple and repetitive alarms, and there is also a persistent Notification Center entry of the app that shows your next set alarm.

Microsoft Mimicker Main Microsoft Mimicker Alarm Details

Using Microsoft Mimicker Alarm

Learning to use Mimicker is easy, and to make the process even more convenient, the app starts off with a tutorial. To get started, hit the ‘+’ icon on the main screen. This takes you to the alarm generation menu. All the usual options like alarm name, ringtone and time are there but the real feature is “Mimics”.

Microsoft Mimicker Tongue Twister Microsoft Mimicker Color Pick

Microsoft Mimicker supports 3 types of actions that you need to perform if the alarm is to be disabled.

  1. ‘Color capture’ asks users to snap a photo of any object of a certain color.
  2. ‘Express yourself’ has Microsoft Garage’s signature facial recognition. This option gives you a facial expression, and you have to take a selfie with that expression on your face. If you like the results (however unlikely that might sound, given that you would have just woken up), it is possible to save the captured selfie.
  3. ‘Tongue twister’ is pretty self-explanatory, and makes use of your Android’s mic.

Like all good alarm clock apps, Microsoft Mimicker lets you snooze for a while. So, if you have trouble waking up on time, and want to get up with a bit of a spark, give this app a shot.

Install Mimicker Alarm From Google Play Store [Free]