Photocracker: Comprehensive Android Camera, Photo Editor & Collage-maker

Photo editors make up the Android app world’s most crowded niche. Having said that, a lot of users have different preferences when it comes to this genre, which is why there is always room for new apps in the Google Play Store. Photocracker is a new app that might seem like some other photo editors out there for Android, but it certainly has its distinguishing factors. The app covers almost all photography-related areas (of course, with the exception of something as specific as collaborative photography). It acts as a camera app, has a Polaroid mode, can make collages, and includes a bunch of editing options.

The UI that Photocracker has to offer might not be the best, but when it comes to functionality, the app leaves no stone unturned.

Photocracker Android Home Photocracker Android Menu

On the Photocracker homepage, all the modes offered by the app are listed. The circle in the middle also acts as a camera preview window, which is a neat touch. If you want even more options, tap the button in the top-left corner to access the app’s menu. From there it is possible to change the Photocracker settings, like elements of its UI and default image quality.

Photocracker Filter Camera & Polaroid

These two modes let you edit photos even before you capture them. All the available photo effects, filters, and stickers can be applied to the camera viewfinder. The Polaroid mode adds the popular retro effect to your camera frame, allowing you to take some cool-looking pictures. The best thing about Polaroid is that it allows users to doodle on their photos before they are saved.

Photocracker Photo Editor

Photocracker Android Filters Photocracker Android Stickers

The app’s photo editor lets users crop, rotate, or resize images before they can apply any filters on them. To help users decide the style of their photos, Photocracker has divided filters and stickers into categories. You can preview each entry by overlaying it over the edited photo before the changes are actually saved. The slider at the right of the screen is there to let you change the visibility level of these effects.

Other than internal editing, the frame of each photo can be changed as well. There are a lot of ready-made photo frames available in Photocracker but if you want something more personalized it is possible to change the frame properties.

Photocracker Collage Mode

Photocracker Android Collage Frames Photocracker Android Collage Options

You can make collages out of any number of photos from 2 to 7. Once the number has been chosen, the next step is selecting the layout of your collage, and the app offers some good options in this regard. The photos that formulate your collage can be shot directly from within Photocracker, or you can import them from your Gallery. Within each collage screen, it is possible to access all the filters and editing options we have previously listed. Other than that, you can move photos within their individual frames simply by dragging them around,

The collage mode has a ratio button, allowing you to basically create infinite collage styles. You can also change the photo’s background or tinker with its border.

Like any good photo editor, Photocracker comes with a sharing menu allowing users to show their photos to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Photocracker is a free app, though you can remove its ads by upgrading to its pro version via an in-app purchase.

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