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Perform Mobile Reverse Image Search With A Web App

It’s 2015 and people still post images on multiple forums asking for more details about the photos. You would imagine that once Google introduced reverse image search, such queries would cease to exist. Reality is not always so uncomplicated though. A lot of people are not aware how looking up images work, while some don’t have access to a desktop from where they can perform the search. Until now, there has not been a decent option for users meaning to get mobile reverse image search capabilities on Android and iOS. Thankfully, now there is a web app that can help you look up any image’s source on the go.

Of course, anyone who doesn’t use Google might find this web app very useful on desktop as well. The app remains accessible and usable on almost all web browsers that support HTML 5. The results show up in Google, so you don’t have to worry about them being comprehensive.

On the off chance that you aren’t aware what mobile reverse image search can actually do for you, here is a brief description. Whenever you want to get to the source of an image, or just want to see what the internet has to offer related to the photo, you can ask a search engine to look it up. On desktop, this ca be done by drag and drop, but mobile reverse image lookup needs a dedicated app to perform the same task.

Mobile Reverse Image Search Home Mobile Reverse Image Search Results

To use the ‘CTRL Q’ web app, head to the URL provided at the end of this post. You should be using a web browser on your iPhone or Android. Once the app is open, the home screen is quite self-explanatory. Select the image you want to look up. Any photo present in your device’s gallery can be uploaded. The app even lets you snap a picture in real-time and then find images similar to it.

Once the photo has been uploaded, tap the ‘Reverse Search’ button. The results page is not much different from a normal Google reverse lookup page. You get all relevant results, as well as a main entry showing the best guess for the uploaded image.

CTRL Q web app is a useful little utility, and it can’t hurt to have it bookmarked on your handheld.

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