New Android SNL App Offers Comedy Skits & Themed Emoji

Any TV show that has been around for 40 seasons must be doing something right. NBC’s Saturday Night Live has been invokingĀ smiles (and the occasional outcry) from viewers for four decades, and its still going strong! Every form of media has to keep pace with the times though, which is why SNL has had its presence on the internet for quite some time. The service keeps its YouTube channel updated and you can always go to it and stream your favorite skits. Having said that, nothing satisfies your daily appetite of comedy like having a service’s own smartphone app at your disposal. The official Android SNL app aims to do just that. It learns from your preferences to suggest videos that suit your satire taste. There are also lots of other bells and whistles, like an SNL-themed Emoji collection, and the capability to search for particular SNL guests.

The Android SNL app has a very neat UI, which is similar to the official NBC app. As you would expect, the SNL app is really easy to use, and you won’t need many onscreen instruction to get it running.

Android SNL App Setup Android SNL App Home

If you are looking for an extra-personalized experience, connect your Facebook account with the app. Other personalization aspects include choosing your favorite Saturday Night Era, and your preference between music videos and commercial parodies. Once all this has been chosen, you are presented with videos that match your taste under the ‘Watch’ section.

Android SNL App Search Android SNL App Cast

In the ‘Explore’ tab, you can look for popular SNL videos in general. If you are searching for a particular skit, tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the main screen. From there it is possible to perform searches based on keywords and SNL cast names. Once you have found a video, it can be shared with friends thanks to the app’s sharing menu.

Android SNL App Emoji Category Android SNL App Emoji

With the new iOS 8 Emoji keyboard gaining so much popularity, the Android SNL app seems to have taken a leaf out of Apple’s book. The app offers a collection of SNL-themed Emoji. The emoticons reference the show’s famous moments and iconic guests. You can export the Emoji to text messages, WhatsApp, or just about any app that involves a keyboard.

The Android SNL app is available for free, and can be downloaded at the following link.

Install Android SNL App From Play Store

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