Movie Box Not Working On iOS 8? Here’s A Fix

Whenever an app that exploits an iOS weakness gains considerable popularity, Apple always takes note and increases attempts to close the loophole immediately. This is especially true for all iPhone apps that use certificates to unlock some unusual sets of permissions. In the list of the most famous apps of this genre, Movie Box’s name comes near the top. The method of the app’s installation makes no secret of the fact that MovieBox relies on certificate authentication to let users access its video content. It is for this reason that you might see MovieBox not working after updating to iOS 8. The simple reason is that Apple has blacklisted the certificates that MovieBox used to provide its services. Fortunately, not all is lost yet and you can fix the problem to continue watching your favorite movies.

The method outlined below has been reported to work on all versions of iOS until 8.1. If even after all this you continue seeing MovieBox not working on your device, the only solution might be to attempt a jailbreak. Since TaiG 2.0 jailbreaking has become relatively easy, but a lot of people still might want to try the fix before going the jailbreak route.

Movie Box Not Working

  1. Make sure the app is not open in the background. You might be getting the ‘MovieBox not working’ error, or the app might keep crashing. In either case, kill it from the App Swticher tray for good measure.
  2. Open the stock Settings app on your iPhone.
  3. Enter the ‘General’ section.
  4. Tap the ‘Date & Time’ section. If you have the automatic time adjustment enabled, it will need to be disabled since you have to set a date manually.
  5. Leave the time unchanged, and change the date to 1st September 2014. This is just a date when we are sure the MovieBox not working problem hadn’t reared its ugly head, which means the certificates were still whitelisted.
  6. Exit the Settings app.
  7. Launch MovieBox.
  8. You can now set your device’s date back to normal.

The above steps just give the MovieBox certificates a moment to get installed to iOS 8 yet again and you shouldn’t have any more problems until the next OS update.