MobileBench: The Android Benchmarking App By Samsung & Intel

It is not uncommon to hear claims from mobile companies about whose device is the fastest, or whose phone has the best processor. You just have to take a tour of the blogosphere when a flagship device is released to see the kind of spec wars raging between fans of different manufacturers and mobile models. With more and more companies joining the race to create the best Android device around, specs are taking an even more central role than they already have. There are a bunch of impressive benchmarking tools available in the market to verify any seemingly extravagant claims of excellent specs by Android devices, but a market standard in this regard has always been lacking. Not anymore! MobileBench is a new benchmarking app for Android released by a consortium including IT giants like Samsung, Intel, and Oppo.

Some early testers of MobileBench claim that the app doesn’t really live up to its big name. Overall, there isn’t anything too flashy about MobileBench, but you have to admit that it gets the job done as advertised by the developers.

System Info MobileBench Android Home Screen MobileBench Android

Using the app is quite simple, and it guides you through almost all processes via very clear and simple instructions. Just on the welcome screen of MobileBench, users are shown a very in-depth overview of their device. There is data present about CPU usage, memory status, device information, etc. Once you have hit the ‘OK’ button, the main screen shows up, from where it is possible to initiate the actual benchmarking process.

Graphics Analysis MobileBench Android

With MobileBench, you can assess the status and specs of your Android device’s processor, memory, storage, and graphics. If you only want to benchmark a subset of these entities, hit the check-mark against their name and hit the ‘Start Benchmark’ button. As you would expect, it takes the app a significant amount of time to come up with all the right benchmarking results. The Graphics evaluation even runs some animations on your mobile’s screen to assess the FPS rate and other aspects of the display.

Result Card MobileBench Android Usage Stats MobileBench Android

Once the evaluation is done, MobileBench comes up with a very detailed report card of your device, including graphical representation of the assessed data. It is also possible to monitor real-time consumption of system resources by hitting the bottom bar on the main screen of the app. This brings up constantly updating graphs showing activity of your device.

MobileBench hopes to become the benchmarking app in the near future, but it has some way to go before that. For one thing, the app’s UI leaves a bit to be desired and seems to lack some finesse. Also, some users have complained about the app font’s legibility on bigger devices. Another feature that might be a possible turnoff for users is the app’s persistent presence in the Notification Center, where its banner cannot be dismissed.

Overall, MobileBench is the kind of app that it won’t hurt to have on your mobile, as it might come in handy every once in a while. Click the below link to download the app on your phone.

Install MobileBench From Google Play Store

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