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Microsoft’s Face Match: See If You Look Like Anyone’s Twin

Microsoft released its How-old service a few months back, and it went viral soon after the launch. We have since seen the age detector arrive separately on Windows Phone, and later getting integrated in the Bing image search. It is nice to see that Microsoft isn’t stopping at just a solitary fun-oriented service. Recently, the team released a face match web and Windows Phone app. TwinsOrNot can compare any two face shots and come back with the percentage of similarity detected between the two. The app is way more accurate than the age detector, and even easier to use.

Just like the age detector, TwinsOrNot can use photos from your gallery, or Bing. The Bing searches offer multiple results, allowing users to choose the exact photo they want to use.

MS Face Match Bing

The face match web service (link provided at the end of this post) is self explanatory when you visit it for the first time. Just choose the upload or search option, and let the service load the first photo. Even if you have a group shot, it is possible to choose one face out of the group and apply the face match capabilities to it. It is, however, not possible to select multiple faces in one image.

MS Face Match Results

TwinsOrNot takes some time to analyze the photos, and come up with the similarity percentage. In our experience, the results are quite impressive. The service even caught me when I tried uploading two different photos of myself. Once the results have been presented, just hover over one photo and you can replace it with a new image to compare against the remaining one.

MS Face Match On Windows Phone

MS Face Match WP MS Face Match WP Result

Following the path laid by How-old, the new face match service has arrived on Windows Phone as a standalone app as well. The working is exactly the same, with the only added bonus being its¬†ability to snap photos from the phone’s camera in real-time. These captured images (or selfies) can be uploaded straight to TwinsOrNot, letting the app analyze your similarity with friends and celebrities.

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