Microsoft’s Age Detector App Comes To Windows Phone

Videos and apps that gain viral popularity are rarely meant to garner too much publicity initially. Microsoft’s recently released age detector app on the web demonstrated that quite well. We covered the How-old service in detail when it was released last month, and since then it has seen a steady rise in popularity. Of course, the age detector app is not the most accurate service of its kind, but maybe this is exactly what makes it so much fun. While it was never too difficult to use How-Old in the web browser of your mobile device, nothing beats having a native app for a service that you really like. That, coupled with the fact that users in China were experiencing some difficulties in uploading photos to the age detector site has made MS release the service’s own Windows Phone app.

The age detector app for Windows Phone has been released by Microsoft’s Chinese arm. This might be owing to the fact that the service doesn’t play well with mobile browsers in Asia. Another factor that makes it great for Chinese users is the app’s Weibo integration.

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The How-Old interface on Windows Phone isn’t much different from its web counterpart. As one would expect, photos can be uploaded from the device’s camera roll, or it is possible to snap a new one using your camera. Once a picture has been uploaded to the age detector app, it takes a few seconds for the analysis to be done. Of course, you must have an active internet connection for the app to work. The results displayed by the app can be shared on Weibo, WeChat, or via email. The email option can also be used if you simply want to copy the URL of the results page and share it on a different service.

As you can see from the above developer screenshots of the app, the accuracy still needs some improvement. The kid second from right is detected as being 30 years old! Having said that, the service is learning with time, and can give you a few laughs at any rate. Do give it a shot if you own a Windows Phone and don’t want to visit a URL every time you are looking to show a friend how cool (or hilarious) the age detector app is.

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