Microsoft Snip: Powerful Screen Capture & Recording Tool [Windows]

Microsoft has lately taken to releasing seemingly small apps, like Face Match and Age Detector. Even if you ignore the fact that these apps have been developed by MS labs, they still come across as pretty decent releases. For a very long time, and even in Windows 10, MS’ desktop OS has been using the PrntScr button to capture screen. There are many third-party apps out there, which can help you add something extra to this utility, but the default option has not evolved. Microsoft Snip is a new app that offers a supercharged version of screenshot-taking capabilities. Not only can you capture static shots, adding sound, doodles, and annotations to the screenshots is possible pretty easily as well.

As long as you have Microsoft Snip running in the background, it overrides the default print screen function in Windows. Even when you hit your keyboard’s screen capture button, the app’s UI shows up.

Microsoft Snip Usage Steps

Once Microsoft Snip has been installed, a thin control area shows up at the top of the screen. 3 options are presented in this panel. Users can select a particular area of the screen to capture it, you can simply use the app’s drawing and annotation capabilities to make changes to a whiteboard, or there is the option to access your device’s camera and scribble over a photo.

Once you have captured the screenshot (or photo), Microsoft Snip opens the image for editing. You can choose the color in which you want to doodle, or erase any changes that you don’t like. In Whiteboard mode, it’s possible to record the whole drawing process (complete with sound) for sharing or reusing later.

Microsoft Snip only shows Email under its ‘Share’ menu, though this is not likely to be a big problem. You can always share your saved images or videos from the app’s library. The library keeps all edited and captured media files safe for later use.

Microsoft Snip is a free app, and since it is by MS, we can safely assume that you will find it really efficient and convenient to use. Give it a shot by heading to the following link.

Install Microsoft Snip For Windows [Free]