Material Design Comes To WhatsApp On Android

Android’s Material Design is definitely a huge improvement over its predecessor, even though many thought that Google will have a hard time topping Holo. Material Design is neat, clutter-free, and comes across as a very next-gen UI. It was always going to be just a matter of time before all the big-name Android apps started adopting the Material Design. Users saw hints of it in Instagram’s post notification update, and in the famous voice calling update for WhatsApp. While that particular WhatsApp update did have a bit of Material, the messenger’s next update goes all out. WhatsApp 2.12.40 isn’t yet available on the Google Play Store, but if your Android has the ability to sideload apps, it can be installed easily.

If you are looking for any new functionality in the latest update of WhatsApp, you will be a little disappointed. The new version of the famous messenger only focuses on one thing; Material Design.

WhatsApp Android Material Design Chats WhatsApp Android Material Design Conversation

The app has a new color for its main theme, as you can see from the above screenshots. Instead of the previous grey color for the top bar, the app now goes with a dark green. The change is quite refreshing, and looks right at home on Android. Within conversations, the buttons are flatter and in the same green color.

How To Install WhatsApp’s Material Design Update Right Now

WhatsApp Android Material Design APK Download

Usually, that’s all we would have had to talk about with this sort of a UI-specific update. There’s more to using WhatsApp 2.12.40 though. You can’t simply grab it from the Play Store and begin enjoying the Material Design goodness. For now, the update is only available on the WhatsApp official website and has to be installed via an APK file. If you are unfamiliar with the process, follow the below simple steps. Kindly note that this will work only if you can sideload apps on your Android.

  1. Open this post on your Android device’s web browser.
  2. Head to the link provided at the end of this page. That page belongs to the official WhatsApp website.
  3. Hit the download button and wait for the APK file to be installed. You might be presented with a warning about APK files from untrustworthy sources hurting your device. Just tap ‘Install’ and bypass this warning.
  4. Once the APK has been downloaded, tap it from the Notification Center and you are done.

We are sure the Material Design update of WhatsApp will make its way to the Play Store soon, but for now going the APK route is the only way of getting your hands on it. Go ahead and see if Material Design is all it’s been cracked up to be.

Install WhatsApp 2.12.40 (APK File)

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