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iTranslate Voice Offers Speech-based Translation Of 42 Languages

In many science fiction movies and books, language translation has been portrayed in a number of cool ways. Robots have displayed translated text on LCD screens and helmet visors, or people have been able to insert all-knowing species of fish in their ears to know what anyone speaking a foreign language is actually saying. In real life though, the technology is a lot less flashy, though almost as effective. Having translation apps on your Android or iPhone has almost become the norm in recent times, and there are already some pretty good options in the market for this niche. iTranslate Voice, however, still deserves more than a mere mention and definitely rises above the crowd. The app has been present on iOS for quite some time but has just been released for Android. It supports 40+ languages, works completely on voice input and can boast an impressive level of accuracy.

Google Translate has led the way for many apps that try to be the best at language translation but iTranslate Voice can still claim to be a bit more helpful than its competitors because of the seamless way it relies on speech input.

iTranslate Voice Android Language Select iTranslate Voice Android Translation Preferences

Using iTranslate Voice is really simple, because the app adopts a clean and minimalistic UI. Before getting started though, users will have to choose the 2 languages they want to use with this app. As already mentioned, there are a total of 42 languages supported, out of which about half can be tried out for free while the rest can only be unlocked by upgrading to the app’s pro version. Once the languages have been set, you are almost good to go, but it is always better to adjust the app’s preferences just the way you want them.

iTranslate Voice offers some interesting tidbits about the selected languages every time you launch the app, but if this annoys you, the feature can easily be turned off from the app’s ‘Preferences’ screen. Other options in this area include the ability to control the dictionary or the app’s internal sound. The ‘Transliteration’ option shows the pronunciation of words with the help of Roman characters for those who want to learn non-Roman languages from scratch.

iTranslate Voice Android Translation Screen iTranslate Voice Android Options

To make iTranslate Voice perform a translation, you just have to tap the icon of one of the selected languages and start speaking. Once you are done, tap the icon again and the app will begin translating the snippet for you. If you aren’t satisfied with what the app caught you saying, it is possible to manually edit the spoken phrase by tapping its written form, or clicking the pen icon next to it. Once you are done, the translated text will appear in a bubble (pretty similar to text messages) on the main screen, and the app will also read the snippet out loud for you. If you want to hear the translation again, bring up the bottom options and choose ‘speak’. Users can export the translation to their clipboard, or add it to the internal dictionary of iTranslate Voice for future use. There is also a touch of social sharing for translated phrases.

iTranslate Voice Android Upgrade

While iTranslate Voice is initially a free app, you can think of its unpaid version as a mere trial. Free users only get 30 translation attempts, and half of the languages to play with. For the full version, you will have to dish out $2.

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