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It Is Now Possible To Edit Dropbox Documents With Office Online

For almost a year now, OneDrive has been jealously looking on as Microsoft continues courting Dropbox. It all started when mobile users began clamoring for MS Office’s integration with services other than OneDrive. Of course, Dropbox is the leader in its genre, and hence became Microsoft’s first choice for integration with Office Online. Dropbox already enjoys deep integration with MS Office on Android and iOS, so the next logical step was always going to be its link-up with the web version of the service. It took the two companies a rather long time to get all the details ironed out, but you can now finally access and edit your Dropbox documents with Office Online thanks to the update of the service rolled out earlier today.

Assuming that you are an existing user of Office Online, the service will display a popup highlighting its new friendliness with Dropbox the next time you sign in.

Office Online Dropbox Welcome Screen

When using Office Online for the first time after this update, you will have to connect your Dropbox account with it. The popup shown on the main screen houses an option that lets you do that, our you can connect the two services later by choosing the penultimate option in the left sidebar.

Office Online Dropbox Document

The word that is sure to come to mind when using Dropbox files in Office Online is “seamless”. Everything feels very natural, and Microsoft hasn’t left a lot that gives OneDrive any edge over Dropbox in terms of integration. You can access files with ease, and it only takes a single click to open them in Office Online and start editing using the full set of options familiar to all Office users.

Office Online Dropbox Save Option

If you are wondering how new documents can be exported to Dropbox, it is very simple. Office Online offers an option to choose the default location for saving all the documents created on it, with the present options including OneDrive and Dropbox. The drop-down is available at the top-left of the main Office Online screen.

There isn’t much negative feedback one can have about the new partnership between Dropbox and Office Online, and it might even help Dropbox gain some new users who aren’t satisfied with what OneDrive has on offer. So, if you are already using Office Online, or want to join the service to see how it might help you, head to the following link.

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