iOS 8.3 Revamps iPhone Emoji Keyboard & Brings Performance Improvements

It wasn’t exactly a topic of hot debate, but iPhone users often casually mentioned the monotony in the skin color of Emoji on iOS’ keyboard. Apple took note of the matter and earned an approving nod from a lot of users by announcing that iOS 8.3 will be the first update of the OS to come with racially diverse Emoji. Of course, the update isn’t just limited to that, and there is a lot more to it than just new emoticons. iOS 8.3 also offers a slew of bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhanced support for CarPlay.

The Emoji keyboard in iOS is already quite extensive, so you might be wondering how many more screen views has Apple added to it. Fortunately, iOS 8.3 takes a very sensible approach to word around this issue.

iOS 8.3 Racially Diverse Emoji Keyboard

Instead of listing the same Emoji multiple times in different colors, the new Emoji keyboard lets users choose the default color of the emoticons by long-pressing any Emoji and then selecting the desired skin tone. Of course, the color option is only applicable to Emoji that have a human aspect attached to them (you won’t be able to turn an airplane golden, unfortunately). It is also not possible to change the hue of the traditional bright yellow smiley faces.

When you have changed the color of these emoticons once, iOS 8.3 will remember your choice and will show all Emoji in the selected skin tone until the color is changed at a later time by long-pressing again.

iOS 8.3 Emoji Update on iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.3 on iPhone 6 Plus Learn More

As we have already said, the update isn’t limited to just Emoji. With iOS 8.3, a lot of bugs that have been a source of minor nuisance to a lot of users have been quashed. So, if your iPhone has been slow to change orientation after you turn the orientation lock off, or your iMessage groups kept getting messed up, the Emoji update will most likely fix all this. The biggest change (only second to the Emoji keyboard, of course) is the iPhone’s new-found ability to connect to car dashboards without a lightning cable. This is thanks to the CarPlay feature going wireless.

Wherever you are in the world, if you have connected your iPhone to the internet within the past 24 hours, your device’s Settings app should now be showing a badge indicating that iOS 8.3 is ready to be installed on it. The update is 579 MB in size, so it might take some time to get installed. There is no reason not to give the update a whirl, so go ahead and enjoy the racially diverse Emoji goodness (and CarPlay, of course).

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