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Instagram Gets Post Notifications & 2 New Photo Editing Tools

Despite Android’s ever-increasing user base, iOS continues receiving more attention from a lot of significant app developers, specially when it comes to getting much anticipated updates. So, it is always nice to see apps breaking this norm, just as Instagram has done with its latest update. The popular photo sharing app now allows Android users to set up post notifications on the followed accounts of their choice. The update also brings two long-awaited photo editing tools to the mix; colorization and fade.

Instagram’s Post Notifications

Instagram Post Notifications Android

Twitter has had this feature for quite some time now, but now that you can get post notifications on Instagram as well, one can’t help but wonder if the feature should have appeared on the photo sharing app long ago. Setting up the notifications isn’t glaringly obvious to the first time user of the update, so here is what you have to do.

  • Follow the account from which you want to receive post notifications.
  • Tap the three dot icon at the top-right of the followed account’s main profile page.
  • Select the “Turn on Post Notifications” option.

Now you will receive real-time notifications every time the chosen account posts a new photo or video.

Instagram’s New Colorize and Fade Tools

To compete with other photo editing tools, an app like Instagram has to continuously improve and must keep adding to its repertoire. Instagram already has an impressive collection of image filters and video editing options, but these features have just been augmented by two nifty, new photo editing tools.

Instagram Colorize Fade Android Instagram Colorize Android

The ‘Color’ option has two sub-options within it; ‘Shadows’ and ‘Highlights’. Each sub-option has a palette of commonly used colors. With Shadows, you can darken the main picture while giving the shadows the color of your choice. With Highlights, you can do the opposite of what Shadows does, which means enhancing the chosen color wherever it appears in the main image.

Instagram Fade Android

Fade does a much simpler job, and merely dulls all colors in the picture to give the photo a washed out look. This effect is very popular in some other Android and iPhone photo editors these days, and looks pretty good in Instagram as well.

If you want to add a bit more punch to your photos, the two new editing options will be much appreciated. While for those looking to enhance their social experience on the app, the notifications will come as a blessing.

Instagram’s latest update is scheduled to roll out on iOS within the next few days, while you can grab it right now by heading to the following Google Play Store link if you are rocking an Android device.

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