Increase iPhone Dock Capacity With Docker [Cydia]

iOS has always prided itself on aesthetics. Though you cannot mod your iPhone as much as Android, there are plenty of Winterboard themes that do the trick. A lot of Cydia tweaks also tinker with the way different UI elements are treated within iOS. A few days back we covered a tweak named IllLookLater, which doesn’t change the UI directly, but still offers a way to visually alter iOS. For those looking for a more pronounced way of changing their device’s internal look, Docker might be a good option. The tweak lets you expand the iPhone dock, enabling users to add up to 8 apps / webpage shortcuts to it. The best part is that Docker won’t increase the size of your iPhone dock permanently, you will be able to view the extra row of icons only when you want to.

Docker is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. This means you just have to search for it in the store if you are looking to install it.

Docker to Improve iPhone dock

Once installed, Docker won’t add a new menu to your stock Settings app. The only changes made by the tweak appear in the iPad or iPhone dock. First time users will need to manually add icons to the extra row offered by Docker. Before you can do that though, you will have to swipe on your iPhone dock to reveal the newly added icon space. Initially, this space only has 4 ‘+’ signs, inviting users to add new apps. The iPhone dock can be populated by entering jiggle mode and dragging apps to the space, or by tapping each ‘+’ icon individually.

For now, Docker works pretty well on iOS 8 and later versions of the OS. Some users have reported minor bugs, most of them related to the tweak’s UI and the way it deals with contracting the actual Springboard every time the iPhone dock is expanded. This might not be a deal-breaker for most though. To get your hands on Docker, you will have to shell out $1.99, which might sound a bit steep. However, since the functionality is unique for now, the investment might be worth it for some.