How To Wipe Apple Watch & Remove Its Credit Card Info Remotely

The Apple Watch is a newly released gadget, so we are pretty sure that most owners will be taking extra care of it for now, except for the few people who have literally put it through a blender or subjected the poor Watch to a drop test for the purpose of making a cool video. Having said that, any expensive device is always at a risk of getting lost or stolen. If you are a victim of such circumstances, your first step should be to wipe Apple Watch and ensure the safety of your personal data. Your credit card information, photos, and even app data are things that can be misused. Thanks to iCloud, users can easily control their devices remotely, and wipe Apple Watch in extreme cases.

For the below steps to succeed, you will need to have your iCloud account configured on your Apple Watch. It goes without saying that the iCloud account credentials will be needed as well. The tip is also handy for anyone who is selling an Apple Watch. By performing a wipe, you can ensure that the data doesn’t get passed along with the device.

Wipe Apple Watch Data & Credit Card Info

Using iCloud To Wipe Apple Watch

  1. Open the stock Settings app on the Watch.
  2. In the ‘General’ section of Settings, go to ‘Reset’.
  3. Choose the ‘Erase all Content and Settings’ option. These three steps will get rid of all the data locally stored on your Apple Watch. For a more comprehensive wipe down, proceed with the following steps as well.
  4. From a computer, log in to your iCloud account.
  5. The main screen shows up all the usual icons dealing with your account’s management. However, the last option present on this screen lets you wipe Apple Watch (or any other iDevice, for that matter). Click ‘Settings’.
  6. The ‘My Devices’ menu should list your Apple Watch as a synced device. Click this watch’s icon.
  7. Within the Apple Watch menu, go to the ‘Remove All’ option. This will initiate the automatic removal of all iCloud data (including credit card information) from your Apple Watch. The web interface will inform you once it is done with wiping your Apple Watch.

Just like with other iOS devices, controlling the Watch remotely has been kept pretty simple by Apple. You can always feel relaxed thinking that in the worst case, at least you can save your data from misuse without breaking a sweat.

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