How To View A Saved WiFi Password On iPhone

Any iPhone (or smartphone, for that matter) is sure to have a considerable number of WiFi networks saved in its Settings menu. While it isn’t too difficult finding a WiFi network’s password on a computer or Android, getting to a WiFi password on iPhone isn’t possible, even if you are currently connected to the said network. This means if you forget even your home WiFi’s password, it can be a drag to find it when connecting to a new device. Once you jailbreak your device though, a lot of possibilities open up. Wifi Passwords List is a new Cydia app, which does pretty much what the name implies. If you want to get a list of every saved WiFi password on iPhone, the jailbreak app does the trick.

It goes without saying that the app only works if the network in question has at least once been connected to your device. The installation of Wifi Passwords List is pretty much like every other Cydia app / tweak out there. Simply refresh your repositories, and search for the tweak by its name. Since WPL is available in the Big Boss repo, you will find it pretty easily.

WiFi Password On iPhone - List WiFi Password On iPhone - Info

Once installed, WPL adds a new Home screen icon of its own to your iPhone. It would have been nice had the tweak worked on the stock Settings app by adding more info to the already present network names, but a standalone app has its own advantages. You can access it easily, and it prevents any stock app getting too cluttered.

On the app’s main page, you get a list of all networks previously saved on your device. The difference from the stock list is that the passwords of these networks are displayed below their SSIDs. You can quickly copy any SSID or WiFi password on iPhone by long-pressing its entry and choosing the right option from the context menu. At the bottom of the list, the total number of saved networks is shown.

WiFi Password On iPhone - Other Info

Of course, there is more to Wifi Passwords List than what we have described above. If you tap a particular WiFi network’s entry, you can get a lot of information about it. This includes the time and date when you last joined the network, the way you joined it, and even its strength. In the ‘Other info’  area, there is just about every bit of technical information related to the network that you can imagine.

Wifi Passwords List is a free download, so go ahead and give it a go. The tweak will certainly let you distribute WiFi passwords among your friends with ease.