How To Use Windows 10 Contact Support App & Get Your Questions & Feedback Through To Microsoft

Windows 10 Technical Preview is becoming increasingly easy to use with each version. If you have successfully managed to install the OS’s latest build (10061), then you must have noticed that Windows 10 has now made it possible for users to access a lot of apps without having to apply workarounds. Previously users were unable to even switch to a dark theme in a straightforward manner, but now things have improved. The Windows 10 Contact Support app is another such item that has been around for quite a while, but it hasn’t always been obvious as to how you can make the most of it. If you are wondering what this app is about, read past the jump.

Windows 10 Contact Support is meant to let users get in touch with Microsoft in the quickest possible manner. Previously, you could only contact MS from within the OS in the form of crash reports, but with Contact Support the options have been greatly enhanced.

As per the app’s welcome screen, you can use Windows 10 Contact Support for a variety of purposes. The app helps in resolution of problems related to MS Office, OneDrive, Skype, Windows Store billing, online purchases from MS, and of course any internal aspects of Windows 10. For all matters other than Windows 10 features (or problems with your device), the app directs users to the relevant support pages on the web.

Windows 10 Contact Support Home

If you have a problem with Windows 10 though, things get more interesting. Depending upon the severity and urgency of your problem, the Windows 10 Contact Support app comes up with multiple options to reach out to MS. You can shoot an email offering your feedback about a feature, discuss any Windows-related issue with the Microsoft user community, or schedule a call with a Microsoft technical representative to resolve a problem that just can’t wait. For all users who prefer the call option, the app provides an estimated waiting period, which is very short at present. Of course, it is also possible to schedule a call for a later time when you are free to talk.

With Windows 10 Contact Support, Microsoft has shown that the company is serious when it says that it values customer feedback. Take the app for a test ride, and see if it can help you in your daily activities.


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