How To Uninstall Edge Browser [Windows 10]

Windows 10 bloatware has been an issue for many users, which is why a lot of ways to get rid of it have surfaced till now. We have covered a bunch of commands that allow users to remove default apps in Windows 10. One rather glaring omission in the said list is any command to uninstall Edge Browser. You might wonder why someone would need to get rid of Microsoft’s poster child, but the truth is that if you are used to Chrome or Firefox, getting pushed by Windows 10 to switch to Edge is a drag. Some apps or links might try opening Edge automatically, and if this is something you are looking to avoid, the best solution is to uninstall Edge browser. Fortunately, you can now do so quite easily. Edge Blocker is a one-click solution for haters of the default Windows 10 browser.

Edge Blocker is one of those apps that does exactly what it says on the package, and nothing more. The app comes in the form of a portable EXE, which runs only on Windows 10.

Uninstall Edge Browser Windows 10

Using The App To Uninstall Edge Browser

Once you have downloaded Edge Blocker, the app appears inside a zipped folder. You can choose to extract the EXE file, or run it from within the archive. In either case, you will see a very simple UI. To make the app work its magic, simply hit the ‘Block’ button with the red text on it. Once ‘blocked’, the Edge browser will never be launched. You can’t open it manually, and no app (third-party or default) can access it either.

If at any point you feel like you have made a mistake, getting Edge back is fairly easy. Just re-run the app and hit ‘Unblock’. The best part about Edge Blocker is its portability, which makes sure you are never stuck in a situation where you uninstall Edge browser and end up out of alternatives.

Edge Blocker is a free app, and is available at the link provided below. The app runs without any glitches on all version of Windows 10. Go ahead and give it a go if you are getting a bit too sick of Edge.

Install Edge Blocker for Windows 10