How To Silence Siri When In Silent Mode

Whether you are shy by nature, or are attending a strict professor’s lecture, it is always a pretty embarrassing moment when your phone creates a ruckus after you put it on silent mode. There are some elements of the device that remain noisy even when the phone has been silenced. Video playback might retain its usual volume, or Siri might start reading out results of your queries if you invoke it. There are several Cydia tweaks available that can help alter Siri’s functionality, but if you delve into the stock Settings app, a lot of useful options are there to be discovered as well. Previously we have covered the method to make Siri read your eBooks, and thanks to iOS Settings and some easy steps, you can also silence Siri whenever you enter silent mode. You don’t even have to turn off audio capabilities of Siri permanently, they will return whenever you need them.

Of course, most of us know how to turn Siri completely off as the option is quite obvious in Settings. If you want to continue using the zesty personal assistant without its voice though, here is how to quieten it down using the silencing switch on your iPhone’s side.

Silence Siri iPhone Settings

Silence Siri With The Ring Switch

  1. Open the stock Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. The Siri section is located under ‘General’, so naturally that is where you need to go.
  3. There are several ways you can customize Siri from the current menu. To control the assistant’s talking capabilities though, the relevant section is ‘Voice Feedback’.
  4. Under Voice Feedback, select the ‘Control with Ring Switch’ option. By default, feedback is always on.

You can now quit the Settings app. The new configuration works by turning Siri’s sound off whenever you enter silent mode on your device. Even if you silence Siri, it remains fully functional. When you invoke it, the manual input option is still available. If you have searched something, Siri will show all the results on its normal interface, but you will need to flip the Ring Switch back on if you want to hear the content read out loud.