How To Setup Windows 10 Mobile Linked Inboxes

Linked inboxes are not really a new concept. In fact, they have been around in iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone 7 in one form or another. Almost all smartphone users these days have multiple email accounts that they use regularly. Hence, it was somewhat surprising to see Windows Phone 8.1 put the feature aside. With Windows 10 Mobile, you can configure the feature pretty easily, though you might feel a bit lost if you haven’t delved too deep into the new OS’ settings. For those who are new to the concept, linked inboxes provide a combined view of multiple email accounts configured on your device. You can still see all the accounts separately when you want, but it is certainly worth having the option to quickly scan everything in a hurry.

Before you can set up linked inboxes, it is necessary to configure two or more email accounts just like you normally would. Of course, if you have just two email accounts, you are good to go, but linked boxes are handier if you are juggling between a lot of IDs. Once the accounts have been set up though, the rest is pretty simple.

Windows 10 Mobile Linked Inboxes

Set Up Linked Inboxes

  1. Go to the Outlook app on your phone. Stay on the the main screen.
  2. Open the app’s main menu by tapping the top-left button.
  3. Access the ‘Manage Accounts’ option, located under ‘Settings’.
  4. Under Manage Accounts, the ‘Linked Inbox’ option is quite self-explanatory. You can choose any number of accounts to add to your combined view. Once done, simply go back to the main screen or pin the new inbox to the Start screen.
  5. If you want to create another linked box, simply repeat the process and choose different email accounts to be added to this one.

Windows 10 Mobile linked inboxes can be pinned to the Start screen as live tiles, or you can choose to access them from within the Outlook app.

If you have linked inboxes configured, there is always the risk of replying to an email with the wrong email ID but the benefits outweigh the minor risk for most people. So, go ahead and create as many linked email views as you want.