How To Set Multiple Home Pages In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has shown a lot of promise since its release, and most Windows 10 users have had no trouble in making it their default web browser. Not only is Edge faster than its predecessors (and even most of the rivals), it also comes with many┬ácustomization options, plus a neat UI. You can’t use a browser unless it offers at least some personalization, and Microsoft Edge does exactly that. You can change the default search engine, import bookmarks from an older browser, or even set multiple home pages. Of course, Microsoft Edge has inherited the ability to support more than one home pages from Internet Explorer. In IE though, the method to set home pages was quite straightforward. With Edge, you will have to make some more effort if you want access to this particular option.

With some other popular web browsers, the concept of home page is limited to only the single page that shows up whenever the app is launched. With Microsoft Edge though, this is different. You might want a set of web pages to load up every time you launch the browser. Say, you might want Google in one tab, and a news website in another. To configure this, here are the steps.

Microsoft Edge Multiple Home Pages

Microsoft Edge Home Page Settings

  1. Access the browser’s main settings area by clicking or tapping the three dots located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. From the menu, choose ‘Settings’, which is near the bottom of the options.
  3. Under Settings, there are several buttons listed under the ‘Open with’ heading. These buttons are key to setting up your home pages. Click the last of the provided buttons, which should state ‘A specific page or pages’.
  4. Following the previous step will enable a drop-down menu just below the selected option. In this drop-down, users can define the home pages of their choice. Expand this field.
  5. Ignore ‘Bing’ and ‘MSN’, choose ‘Custom’.
  6. Enter the website you want to open up in the first tab upon the launch of Microsoft Edge. Once done, hit the ‘+’ icon and add the second website.

Your browser will now always open up with the pages of your choice, without any limitations.