How To Retain Apps & Other Purchases When Switching Apple IDs

A couple of days ago we covered the method to wipe all your iWatch data using iCloud. In some situations, you might not want to remove all your data, but move it to a new Apple ID. For instance, if you have bought a new device, switching Apple ID is probably not necessary, since iCloud isn’t tied down to one particular iPhone or iPad. However, if the email ID on which your Apple ID is configured gets compromised, or you have stopped using it altogether, you might need a way to move all your personal belongings to the new ID. With so much money being dished out on apps and other online content these days, it has become extremely important to take good care of your data. Read on to find out how all of your apps, music, videos, and other content purchased from the iTunes Store can be retained even when you have started using a new Apple ID.

All you need to perform the procedure of seamlessly switching Apple ID from one email address to the next is a computer, and an internet connection. As is the case with most Apple and iCloud-related procedures, the process works off-device and thus remains useful if you have lost your iPhone.

Switching Apple IDs - Manage Tab

Switching Apple ID Via Web

  1. On any device’s browser (preferably a desktop), open the following URL;
  2. In the right-hand pane of the website there is a ‘Manage Apple ID’ button, which you can use in switching Apple ID without losing any data. Enter this menu.
  3. Once your Apple ID has been accepted by the website, you will be transferred to the ‘My Apple ID’ page. Here, look for the ‘Name, ID and Email Addresses’ subsection in the left pane.
  4. Click the ‘Edit’ option next to the field marked ‘Apple ID and Primary Email Address’.
  5. Enter the new email address you want for your Apple ID in the resulting text box.
  6. Hit ‘Save’.

Switching Apple IDs - After Login

Your previous Apple ID is now devoid of any purchases made previously through it, and everything will now appear on the ID you entered in step 5. The old email address can be used to create a new Apple ID, but if you don’t do that, it will remain vacant and without any association with iOS.

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