How To Remove Snapchat Limit On Video Recording Time

Messengers have come a long way since the era of Yahoo and MSN. Nowadays, there are several niches within messenger services. Some apps focus on photo sharing, while others are designed to help you find contacts with utmost ease. In addition to all these messengers, there is the category of “secret messaging”. There have been some new additions to this genre, like Bleep by BitTorrent and Poke by Facebook, but no service has been able to supplant Snapchat. There are a lot of quirky features and limitations in Snapchat, which generally add to the value of the app. These include a restricted amount of time for recording videos, and the famous Snapchat limit on viewing time of posts. There are several mods and apps available for both Android and iOS that can be used to bypass these restrictions. To add to that, it has been unearthed that Snapchat for iOS comes with a built-in bug, allowing users to continue recording videos indefinitely without any additional installations.

As you might expect, the bug should be fixed by Snapchat in the near future, but for now you will be able to have some fun with it on your iPhone. Unfortunately, the removal of Snapchat limit on video recording only works for snippets shared as stories, and not with individual posts to friends.

Remove Snapchat Limit Video Recording - iOS

Here’s what to do.

  1. Start recording a video, and keep the screen long-pressed to continue shooting.
  2. Without releasing your finger, double-tap the Home button on your iOS device. This will take you to the carded multitasking view offered by iOS. The app forgets all about the Snapchat limit on recording time in multitasking mode. The video will continue being captured, and you can continue moving your camera around to shoot whatever you want.
  3. Once you are done shooting, tap the Snapchat card from the multitasking view. Please note that doing so will result in the immediate termination of the current recording session.
  4. Now that you have saved an extended video snippet, it is possible to add it to your Snapchat story.

For most users, this hack might not be anything more than a cool way to impress their friends. However, you might also find the ability to remove Snapchat limit on recording handy if you want to be more thorough with your storytelling.

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