How To Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10

We have covered a detailed guide on how to remove bloatware from Windows 10, which just shows that one man’s treasure might be another man’s trash. Many Windows 10 users like the update but don’t want all the extra apps and services that come with it. By default, you have to sign in with your Microsoft account to start using Windows 10. This enables you to associate different MS services with the computer, and is also helpful if you want to sync settings and purchases between multiple Windows devices. Anyone who is a bit privacy-conscious though, is sure to be wary of their Microsoft account’s presence everywhere in the OS. Fortunately, Windows 10 remains completely usable even if you remove your MS account from it. Doing so is not really simple though, and you will need to delve into your system’s settings to find the required option.

For users of Microsoft apps, removing the MS account might not be a good idea. It won’t render the services useless, but the integration with the system will be affected. If you still want to proceed though, here is what needs to be done.

Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10Accessing & Removing Your Microsoft Account

  1. Look for the ‘Settings’ menu using the search function located in the Windows 10 Start menu.
  2. Once the Settings are open, find and click the ‘Accounts’ entry. This should be located in the bottom row of options.
  3. The Accounts section houses a lot of entries. From the left-hand tab, hit ‘Your account’.
  4. Click the blue option labeled ‘Sign in with a local account instead’. This will let you log out of your Microsoft Account, so that you can switch to a guest account. First, however, you will be asked to verify your current account’s password. Do so, and hit ‘Next’.
  5. Create a local account from the resulting page.
  6. Hit the ‘Sign out’ option.
  7. Restart the Settings app, and go back to the ‘Your account’ tab.
  8. You should now see your Microsoft account listed in this menu, with a ‘Remove’ button showing up as well. Hit this button.
  9. On the warning dialog, choose ‘Yes’.

You have successfully removed your MS account from the system. All apps will now ask you to manually sign in.