How To Reinstall Windows 10 Default Apps

There was a time when the term “bloatware” was only associated with mobile platforms, but Windows 10 default apps have had to suffer the same fate in some quarters. We even published a couple of posts outlining how to get rid of these apps, and specifically Candy Crush. As you might notice, removing these apps is not really difficult, but if you don’t know much about shell commands, it canĀ get complicated getting these apps back in case you change your mind about their usefulness. Microsoft seems to have a lot of faith in Windows 10 default apps, which is why there is an official tool aimed at just letting users get these apps back.

Just like the method to remove Windows 10 default apps, the way to get them back relies on shell commands as well. The commands are fairly simple, but require users to download a package from the official Windows 10 website. Here is how you can get any of the deleted default apps back.

Windows 10 Default Apps Reinstall

Getting Windows 10 Default Apps Back

  1. Go to the link provided at the end of this post and download the default app installer from there.
  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP folder to any location in your computer.
  3. Copy the path of the folder where you extracted the files in the previous step.
  4. Run Windows Powershell command prompt.
  5. In the Powershell, type CD, followed by the path copied in step 3. For example, for ‘My Documents’, the command should look like this;
    CD C:\Users\<Your Username>\Documents
  6. Now that you have accessed the pasted files, run the below command;
    Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
  7. .\reinstall-preinstalledApp.ps1
    The above is the next command you should run, once the one in step 6 has been executed successfully.
  8. While your apps should get installed after the previous command, you still need to run one more script to make sure your changes are permanent and only the necessary parts of the operating system are affected.
    Set-ExecutionPolicy AllSigned

Apps-wise, your copy of Windows 10 can be brought to its factory state using the above method. Of course, you can always refer to our older posts if one of the newly reinstalled apps have to removed yet again.

Download Microsoft’s Default App Installer