How To Recover Bricked Lumia Devices Running Windows 10

Now that people have had the chance to adjust to the changes offered by Windows 10, and positive reviews of the update have started surfacing, a lot of users are trying out Windows 10. When covering the method to install Windows 10 on your PC, we mentioned that the Technical Preview isn’t too stable right now and users should try to configure it on their spare devices. The same holds true for mobile devices supporting Windows 10 and you can’t say Microsoft didn’t warn us about the potential dangers of Windows 10 TP. As expected, some users got the worse of these bugs when installing Windows 10 on Lumia devices. If Windows Phone Recovery Tool (WPRT) landed you a bricked Lumia, you can now try and fix this with the software’s latest update.

It turns out that WPRT tries dishing out too much data all at once, and this doesn’t bode well with low-end Lumia devices. If your bricked Lumia has been completely dead since you tried updating it, or if it never gets past the Nokia logo, the latest WPRT update might turn out to be your savior.

Bricked Lumia Device With Windows 10

Using WPRT To Fix Bricked Lumia Devices

  1. Launch Windows Phone Recovery Tool on your computer.
  2. Wait while the software checks for updates. Once it detects the update, let it do the work. To make sure you have the right version of WPRT to fix your bricked Lumia, go to the About section. The version should be 1.2.4.
  3. Now, take your bricked Lumia and connect it to the computer using the device’s data cable (the original cable that came in the phone’s box is preferable).
  4. Wait for WPRT to detect your device.
  5. Once that has been done, the next step is to flash Lumia’s original ROM to it using WPRT 1.2.4.

If step 4 doesn’t work for you, Microsoft has added the option of reporting this error. The same option automatically tries to make your phone visible to WPRT.

The above steps work quite well for bricked Lumia phones stuck at the logo screen, but if you have a completely non-responsive set, the chances for success are lower. In either case, since your device is already bricked, it can’t hurt to make an attempt at recovery.

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