How To Pre-Register for Android Apps & Games

Pre-ordering anticipated video games and devices has been a trend for quite some time now. You only have to see the long queues outside Apple stores to see how important it is for people to get their hands on everything that’s new before anyone else has the chance to purchase it. The same holds true for much-awaited video games and apps. A lot of Android developers have been known to advertise their upcoming projects before they are released to the public. Not only does this create the right kind of hype among potential users, it also helps developers assess if they are making the right choice in working on the app. In addition to all this, with Windows 10 slated to run Android apps, the competition is tougher than ever. Owing to all these factors, Google has allowed people to pre-register for Android apps and games on the Play Store.

Of course, you will still need to learn about the upcoming app and its expected release from an external source. We can expect that eventually Google will add a ‘Coming Soon’ section to the Play Store. For now though, you have to search manually for titles that you want to follow in order to pre-register for Android apps.

Pre-register for Android apps Search

Once you perform a search in the Play Store, in place of the green price moniker, some apps show up as ‘Coming Soon’. The same holds true for the Play Store’s web version.

Pre-register for Android apps Entry Pre-register for Android apps Notice

Once you open the entry, it is possible to pre-register for Android apps of your choice simply by hitting the green icon. The Pre-register button opens up a dialog box, showing the purpose of this new feature. To simply dismiss the notification, hit the ‘Got it’ button. It is also possible to spread the word about the upcoming release thanks to the integrated Sharing menu within the same box. The sharing menu can be used to post about the app on social media, or tell your friends about it individually via texts or emails.

To make sure you always have a way of going back on your decision, Google has also added the option of opting out of the pre-registration for Android apps program at any time. Simply open the followed app’s entry, and hit the opt out button.

Recently, the Android Play Store has also allowed developers to offer beta tests of their apps, and the option to pre-register for Android apps seems to be a step in the same direction. As an example of a Play Store entry that offers pre-registration for Android apps, hit the following link.

Terminator Genisys Page On Play Store