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How To Play FB Messenger Chess With Friends

Smartphone apps are a bit like lost memory cards; you always find something fun tucked away in them. The jumping dinosaur game caused a wave of admiration when it was first introduced in Google Chrome. The famous web browser is not alone in having a side-show going on, though. Easter eggs are common in apps these days, so it is no surprise to see that Facebook Messenger harbors one as well. There are often situations where you are talking to someone on Facebook messenger, or having a video call, and you don’t have anything left to talk about. If you still want to continue your interaction with the other party though, FB Messenger Chess can come to the rescue. It is not a third-party app that you need to install with Messenger. The little game has been buried inside the app all along. There is just a little trick to get to the chess game.

Unlike most games available these days, FB Messenger Chess has to be played via typed commands. You can’t simply swipe on your phone’s screen to make the moves. This makes sense as well, because chess already has an agreed upon set of text-based commands to indicate the position of pieces.

FB Messenger Chess

How To Play FB Messenger Chess

  • To start the game at any time, simply write @fbchess play in a contact’s chat window, and you are underway.
  • Since you can’t be expected to know all the ins and outs of the game from scratch, typing @fbchess help will display a list of all supported commands.
  • All usual rules of the game apply to FB Messenger Chess. Key in the command to move your pieces in standard chess notation, and wait for your friend on the other end to make his / her move.

Even if you are not really in to playing chess, knowing how to make a chessboard appear in a Facebook chat window looks like a neat trick. Who knows how much you might learn to enjoy the game in due time. So go ahead, and show off your knowledge of Facebook, and your prowess at chess to your Facebook friends.