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How To Plan Your Disney Experience With A Smartphone

Every successful family trip takes a lot of planning. You might enjoy getting lost while travelling every once in a while, but when you are with children, it is likely that you are getting the “are we there yet?” question every few minutes. This eagerness to reach the destination intensifies manifolds when you are heading to Disney World! Due to their immense sizes, very few can claim to know Disney theme parks and resorts inside out. To keep everyone happy, and to get the most out of your Disney World tour, you need to know all the right places to visit. The official Disney Experience app is a great tool for Android and iPhone users. It lets you purchase tickets, make reservations, offers ride suggestions, and comes with a very detailed map for each Disney destination.

The app comes on both major smartphone operating systems, but you won’t notice any major difference among the two variants. It is possible to use Disney Experience without creating an app-specific account, but you will need to sign up before purchasing tickets or making any bookings.

Disney Experience App Menu Disney Experience App Locations

From the main menu of My Disney Experience, it is possible to access the reservation and purchase menus. All other entries in this list are redundant, and are available from the main view of the app.

To get the most out of it, tap the location icon at the bottom of the screen on the app’s main page. From here, you can select one of the many available Disney Experience destinations. The available subcategories include theme parks, water parks, and miscellaneous venues.

Disney Experience App Attractions Disney Experience App Attraction Details

The ‘Attractions’ tab lists all the major parts of the location you are visiting. If you want to find the best rides, which suit your preferences, tap the filter icon in the bottom bar. Rides can be sorted based on age, thrill factor, disabilities, height, and other choices. Each ride has a page of its own as well, where you can learn a bit about it before making your choice. Perhaps the most useful feature in all this is ‘Waiting Time’, as it can save you from having to join a queue that isn’t likely to reach its end until its closing time.

Disney Experience App Services Disney Experience App Ride

Other tabs in Disney Experience are quite similar to the Attractions one. You can choose restaurants and browse their menus, or see where the best shopping spots are located. ‘Guest Service’ is another tab in My Disney Experience that makes it worth installing. You can locate ATM machines, day care centers, and medical services in your vicinity. All information comes complete with contact numbers and hours of operation.

My Disney Experience is a free app, which can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android devices. If you are planning a trip to any Disney site, this is a must-have.

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