How To Permanently Enable Num Lock In Windows 10 On Restart

Customization has turned out to be a strong suit of Windows 10, and we have covered multiple posts highlighting ways to do that. While it is easy to make changes to a system when it is already running, you usually need access to the OS registry for customizing booting or post-boot options. Windows 10 does allow this though. You can add a safe mode entry to the Windows 10 boot menu, or control the OS entries that appear in case of dual boot. Another boot-related problem pertains to Num Lock in Windows 10. If you are using a PIN or numerical password to unlock your machine, it might be a problem if the Num Lock is turned off by default on every restart. There are a few built-in ways to fix this, but if nothing works, there is always the trusty old registry editor.

Within BIOS, there is an option to change the default state of Num Lock in Windows 10 upon boot. If you are using the Fast Boot option though, the Num Lock might continue showing up as off every time the lock screen shows up.  Here is a permanent and rather simple fix for this issue.

Num Lock in Windows 10

Registry Keys Related To Num Lock In Windows 10

  1. If you have gone through some of our older posts dealing with registry hacks, you might already know that all these procedures begin with typing ‘Run’ into the main search menu of the OS.
  2. Once the Run prompt is open, type ‘Regedit’ into it, and press Enter.
  3. Inside the registry editor, look for a folder named HKEY_USERS and expand it. Make sure you choose the folder with this exact name, as there are some similar to it.
  4. Inside the expanded folder, go to the following path (which means expanding each folder mentioned below);
    .DEFAULT > Control Panel > Keyboard
  5. Within the Keyboard folder, there is an entry named InitialKeyboardIndicators, right-click it.
  6. From the context menu, choose ‘Modify’.
  7. Change the last two digits of the value to 50 from 48. Make sure the new value is 2147483650 and click ‘OK’.

That is all. The next time you restart your computer, the Num Lock should be on and you won’t be left meaninglessly stroking the num pad’s keys trying to unlock your system.